Game: Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures Episode 2: The Last Resort
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Year: 2009
Reviewed: 2009
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Reviewer: ValkyrDeath

Wallace and Gromit’s second episode has them planning a grand day out at sunny Blackpool. I’m not quite sure where sunny Blackpool is, since I’m only aware of the cold rainy Blackpool. Which is appropriate, since they cancel their trip due to the rain outside. Wallace’s latest plan is to set up a seaside resort in his cellar so that they can holiday in their own home, and make some money by letting their neighbours holiday there too.

Wallace and Gromit Episode 2 Idea
I have an idea Gromit! Let’s have some cheese!

The premise of this episode isn’t quite as entertaining as in the previous episode and consequently the game doesn’t get off to as strong a start. It doesn’t help that the first of the game’s four acts is completely uninspired. It’s spent collecting items that Wallace needs to set up his beach resort. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that he needs precisely three things. Somehow, finding some sand, something to simulate the sun and a beach umbrella is enough to create the far more complex cellar theme park that turns up in the next act. It seems quite arbitrary and the puzzles are completely trivial. It’s like they couldn’t think of a good way to start the game and had to stick a few simplistic puzzles in just to get things going. Maybe I should try that approach when I can’t think of a way to start my reviews.

The game picks up a bit after that with Wallace trying to keep all his guests happy once the resort is open. This section, and the game as a whole, mostly involves solving puzzles involving the varying personalities of the other characters. Thankfully, the characters are quite entertaining, from the returning characters from episode 1 and the new character, Scottish bully Duncan McBiscuit. There’s the usual array of different types of puzzle. One in particular stands out involving cheering someone up by utilising the random comments Wallace makes about the items lying around. If there’s a problem here, it’s that however fun these characters can be, this is still a Wallace and Gromit game and the focus should be on them.

Wallace and Gromit Episode 2 Beach
There, that’s sorted. How about some cheese to celebrate?

The other characters are important for the game’s third act though, since it’s a mystery, albeit one with a solution that’s obvious right from the start. I suppose that makes it more about evidence gathering than solving a whodunit, but the puzzles here are fun and having Gromit provide Wallace with all the answers that his machine has failed to find is a good premise. It’s certainly better than the pointless object collecting at the start of the game. Then the game concludes with Gromit getting another action puzzle.

The Last Resort is a solid adventure game that provides reasonable entertainment, but it never excels, and at less than 3 hours it’s the shortest Telltale episode I’ve yet played. This is pretty much Telltale-by-numbers, as if they were struggling to think of something to get the game out on time. If you’ve enjoyed the other episodes then it’s worth playing, but I hope the series improves with the next episode.

Save System Review: Same as before.
Graphics: Again, same as before.
Sound: Guess what? Same as before. Although Wallace’s voice seems slightly less jarring now.
Bugs: I didn’t find any bugs.
Gameplay: Everything is even easier this time round. None of the puzzles offers any real challenge.
Storyline: The mystery at the end is quite fun, but the game up to that point is just too mundane.

Arbitrary Final Score: 2.5 stars

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