Game: Sam and Max Season 1 Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Year: 2007
Reviewed: 2008
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Reviewer: ValkyrDeath

Well, I’ve finally made it. The concluding Sam and Max episode. The finale of this Sam and Max series. The final hypnotic case for the duo. The pair’s ultimate adventure. The closing chapter for the rabbitty thing and dog. The climactic confrontation with the one responsible for all the previous troubles. It’s the last game! Well, until Season Two at least.

Sam and Max S1E6 Moon
How do you get to the moon? In a Desoto of course!

Bright Side of the Moon (which, incidentally, is the last episode of Season One) allows you to confront the villain responsible for all the hypnosis which has been the recurring theme for the last five games. Yes, you finally get to confront Hugh Bliss, and discover the secrets of Prismatology, and just who Hugh Bliss really is. And it’s probably not something you’re expecting. (And the name Hugh Bliss is one of the best multilayered puns around, fitting the character in several different ways.) And unsurprisingly, given the title, you get to confront him on the moon.

Like the last couple of games, Episode 6 (the last of the series, don’t you know?) is a first rate comedy adventure. The jokes are funny, and as I have said far too many times in the previous reviews, the puzzles are inventive and fun, if not overly difficult. I’m running out of things to say about the games by this point, now that I’ve reached the last game of the season. This time, one of the more interesting puzzles involves actually trying to find a way to lose against the most appalling AI ever created, in a very funny sequence involving the outdated computers first introduced in Episode 5 (the penultimate game in the series). In another part, you have to catch various doppelgangers of Max created from stolen parts of his body. The final confrontation and conclusion makes a fitting ending to the series of games, and the closing credits sequence contains yet another song while allowing Max to indulge in his violent tendencies by dehypnotising the world’s population in his usual, unconventional manner.

Sam and Max S1E6 Insanity
Hugh Bliss hubris. It looks like what Willy Wonka would create if he happened to be a fanatical cultist obsessed with colours.

The sixth episode of Sam and Max (also the last, by the way) is a very good game, and anyone who’s enjoyed the previous games is definitely recommended to play this. Well, they’d be a bit weird if they liked a series of episodic games so much they played all the episodes up to now and then didn’t bother with the last one wouldn’t they? It continues the quality of the previous games, making it very promising for the quality of Season Two (oh god, more reviews). If you haven’t played the previous episodes, then it’s not recommended as much. That would just be stupid. Go and get the entire series instead. Because this is the last episode. In case you didn’t realise.

Save System Review: Surprise surprise, it’s the same as before. Save anywhere, autosave.
Graphics: Shock, horror, this is the same too.
Sound: No! I don’t believe it! The same high quality audio, still great voice acting and brilliant soundtrack!
Bugs: No bugs, except for the return appearance of the insect.
Gameplay: Like the last couple of games, still not incredibly challenging, but fun, and better than the start of the series.
Storyline/Dialogue: Simple storyline as a frame for the insanity, same as usual, but the dialogue and jokes are good, if not quite as sharp as last time.

Arbitrary Final Score: 4 stars

P.S. This is the last episode.

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