Gaming Gallimaufry 4: Call of Responsibility: Contemporary Warfare 3

It’s exciting news for gamers! The next game in the Call of Responsibility series from publishers Activation and developers Aleph Hospital is almost upon us! It’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t be thrilled by this. And judging by what I’ve heard about it, it’s going to be exactly what we’re all expecting from it. CEO of Activation Snowstorm, Nobby Fokkit, gave us some advanced information about the game with his usual marketing flair:

“Contemporary Warfare 3 is going to be our worst ever Call of Responsibility title in our continuing attempts to downgrade the game every time we exploit the license. The new game will feature virtually no content in the single player game, and the multiplayer component will be sold as additional DLC. The game itself will be five times more expensive than any other game in the shops, while the DLC, which contains just one map recycled from the last game, will be twice as expensive again. Extra maps will be available at a later date for an additional charge per map. There’ll be a monthly charge to use our online servers, and we’ll force you to play against the least suitable opponents whether you like it or not. You’ll be rigidly guided through the single player with not a single moment where you’ll be allowed to use your own initiative. In fact, it will be one of the most worthless, pathetic games ever. And you’ll buy it anyway, because you’re all thick and I hate you all. Now go and pre-order my game!”

Thanks Nobby! We’re all really excited about the game. Thousands of people have set up groups to boycott the new game, which is always good news for Activation. 95% of the members of these groups already have the game on pre-order of course. The rest are waiting to buy it on release date.

Now, I have a surprise for you! The complete Call of Responsibility: Contemporary Warfare 3! You’ll find the game below using fancy technology to run through your browser, all thanks to an amazing licensing agreement that I’ve secured through Activation. So give it a try, and play the latest game in this fantastic series.

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